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1st Status Update

Time as been flying by fast since the project officially kicked off on Sept 18th. Our team has been hard at work; today we had our first progress report. All of the teams had 10 minutes to share their progress with the rest of the teams.

I presented Looking Glass’s report with the assistance of the white board. The key to making a successful presentation was to describe our group’s concept concisely and make it relevant to the audience. It is important to hit on the main points without distracting the audience with technical details. Also, it is important to give the audience a direction of where we want to go without giving too much away.

In addition to giving a successful presentation I enjoyed listening to what progress the other groups are making. Our audience was bigger than expected and I was able to make a few contacts that will hopefully help us on our journey!

One week before project starts

Over the past few weeks I have been keeping myself busy gearing up for the DARPA Innovation House project. At the same time I haven’t been trying to over-exert myself. My full team won’t be physically located together until the project officially starts. This makes it important to proceed carefully and make sure we have strong lines of communication open. I have spent considerable amount of time setting up the collaboration tools and researching various software components we will be using.

We are tacking a very complex solution in a very short time period. Our vision comprises integrating many different types of software and databases. Figuring out how to structure all of the different components and making them communicate with each other is an ongoing challenge. The amount of different technologies available can be overwhelming at times. We are still looking to add a core web developer to our team. They would be very helpful during the implementation phase.